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Huawei SUN2000L 4KTL-L1 Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

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Huawei Sun2000L-4KTL-L1 applies, being able to connect the possibility to a battery and power generation, as a hybrid inverter and has a power of 4000W. The efficiency of 98.4% (European efficiency of 97.5%) makes high yields possible. These new inverters make process monitoring even easier, and there's support for new power optimizers from Huawei. The housing and built-in protection ensure that the inverter is safe and reliable. Positioning the inverter is quick, simple, simple, and can be done by one person due to the compact size and low weight.

Huawei Sun2000L-4KTL-L1 Hybrid Inverter

The Huawei Sun2000L-4KTL-L1 inverter is suitable for using electricity generated directly to be returned to the power grid and for the possibility of storing batteries. Due to the processed energy storage interface in the housing, batteries are not required to store energy. This inverter is suitable for both existing LG Chem batteries and Huawei's new battery series.

Note: LG Chem resu7h and resu10h are suitable for use with this inverter

Huawei Sun2000L-4KTL-L1 Tracking

This series of single-phase residential inverters also has WLAN functionality built in, which can also be expanded with a dongle. On the one hand to communicate via mobile networks (Huawei Smart Dongle 4G), on the other hand via cabling (Huawei Smart Dongle Wlan Fe). Module level monitoring ensures that modules can be monitored individually within a PV installation. In addition, the inverter is suitable for Huawei's new Sun2000L-450W-P power optimizers.

Huawei sun2000l hybrid inverter specifications

The Huawei Sun2000L-4KTL-L1 has an IP65 rating and is therefore well protected from external influences. The inverter is cooled by natural convection. There's also built-in lightning protection for both DC and AC. In addition, the inverter contains built-in arc flame protection.

The compact size and low weight of 12.3kg make the inverter easy to install by one person. This is made even easier by the optimized AC connection for fast wiring. The device can also be configured and set up with a single click.