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Ozonext DEFENDER 10 ozone generator

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Ozonext is the Italian ozone generator.


The only technology successfully tested against all types of bacteria and viruses.


How DEFENDER 10 works

The device is programmable via the convenient front interface. It can be adjusted using two main parameters depending on your needs: time and cubic meters. For greater ease of use, DEEFENDER10 is equipped with 99 storable programs and 4 preset programs for cars, vans, small rooms, medium-large rooms.


Step 1

COUNTDOWN (red LED flashing)

During which all people/animals must already be taken out of the environment to be sanitized as the concentration of ozone in the air, after a few minutes, is harmful to humans.

Step 2

SATURATION (red LED lit steadily)

During which the ozonator delivers ozone for the time necessary to reach the PPM amount to break down bacteria, viruses, etc.

Step 3

MAINTENANCE (red LED flashing)

During which the ozonator maintains the ideal amount of ozone in the environment/vehicle to proceed with the elimination of pathogens as required by the reference standards.

Step 4

DECAY (red LED flashing)

After ozonating the environment, wait for the decay time during which the amount of ozone is reduced to concentrations that are tolerable for humans and animals.


21 Items